COVID-19 | São Miguel: Implemented Measures

Know the measures implemented by island

  1. Limitation of gatherings on the public road of a maximum number of 10 people, unless they are from the same household;
  2. Limitation to a maximum of 10 people per table in restaurants and cafes, unless they belong to the same household and maximum capacity of 3/4 of the its capacity;
  3. Closure of all beverage and similar establishments, with dance spaces;
  4. Closure, from 11:59 pm onwards, of all restaurants, drinks and similar establishments, with or without a show and with or without terrace service, including spaces for holding events, except for the purposes of take away or delivery to the residence;
  5. Fuel filling stations can maintain their operation from 11:59 pm until 06:00 am of the following day, exclusively for the purpose of selling fuels and supplying vehicles to thepublic;
  6. Limited presence of public at cultural events and sports competitions to 1/3 of the respective capacity, guaranteeing the rules of social distance.