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Explore the Azores’ alluring volcanic landscapes by mountain bike for a unique and exhilarating experience. The islands boast a plethora of trails ideal for all levels, as well as an array of fascinating nature and unusual volcanic terrain.

From ultra-technical single tracks which connect mountains, beaches and fajãs to roads surrounding lakes and mountain ranges which flourish with native fauna and flora, the Azorean islands offer a mountain biking experience for every taste and skill level.

If you would rather bike on the road, the islands also provide a large road network flanked by hydrangeas and Japanese cedars. These roads connect some of the Azores most fascinating places for breath-taking landscapes and culture, pastures, mountains and villages.

In addition, you can cool off after a long day biking at one of the archipelago’s many bathing sites, natural, warm water baths which are located in tidal pools or the ocean.



1- Bring a XC, all mountain or DH bike for the most challenging trails.
2- Avoid riding alone, bring some friends along.
3- Before you go, check your bike and ensure that the trail you choose is right for your physical condition and skill level.
4- Always wear a helmet and other protection equipment, such as elbow pads, knee pads and a vest.
5- Always bring a mobile phone.
6- If you stop, pull over to the side of the trail.
7- Always take the marked trails.
8- Take emergency equipment with you in case of a flat tyre or damage to your bike.
9- Do not throw rubbish on the trail, such as paper, food, plastic or bottles.
10- If someone falls, do not leave them alone and call 112 in an emergency.
11- Mountain biking involves some risks, so do not risk your own health or others.
12- Be careful, and HAVE FUN.

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