Sea Bottom

We are a family business with a maritime tradition. Since the beginning we have differentiated our offer from all others in the island of São Miguel, because our glass bottom boat for seabed observation, exclusive product, is a wonderful experience that can only be with us

We operate in 2 Protected Natural Reserves: Vila Franca do Campo islet & Private Properties at Lagoa do Fogo, which adds to our environmental responsibility.


  1. Glass Bottom Boat Tour: seabed observation @ Protected Natural Reserve of Vila Franca do Campo islet & Snorkeling (EXCLUSIVE)
  2. Whale & Dolphin Watching
  3. Exclusive trails at company’s private areas @   Protected Natural Reserve of the Fire Lake: Waterfall’s Root & Fire Lake
  4. Guided Van Tours
  5. Seabirds Watching
  6. Local Accommodation


- Marina Poente das Portas do Mar, Quiosque nº4 9500-770 Ponta Delgada
- Marina de Vila Franca do Campo 9680-909 VFC
São Miguel