Santana Monitoring Centre for Astronomy (OASA)

As a science centre, OASA focus its action on the promotion of sciences related to Astronomy and the knowledge of the universe. Located in Santana, on São Miguel Island, OASA is managed by the Foundation for Social, Professional and Cultural Development of Ribeira Grande. It is a privileged institution for the dissemination and knowledge of scientific matters, mainly related to Astronomy. As such, this centre provides all the necessary material and equipment, being it a meeting point for amateur astronomers, as well as for students, who find here interactive and support material for their educational programmes.

OASA provides all the necessary conditions for star observation, as well as the essential tools for learning or improving astronomy matters. When visiting this science centre, one can not only watch the stars, but also take part in workshops about astronomy, attend sessions in a mobile planetarium or visit its exhibition halls.




Caminho Velho de Santana, Pico do Bode
9600-096 Rabo de Peixe
São Miguel