Festival Tremor 2019


Festival Tremor 2019


From 9 to 13, April 2019.


Several locations.
Several (São Miguel).


The sixth edition of TREMOR. In 2019, São Miguel becomes a privileged stage for music, with an interdisciplinary program that includes cinema, surprise concerts in unexpected places of the island, interactions in the landscape, workshops, party, street art, music in the community and artistic residences. On the last day, Ponta Delgada trembles with concerts in multiple spaces of the city, revealing the city inside and out, and taking as a creative yard the singularity of the largest island of the Azores.


Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras (All islands)

The Mardi Gras in the Azores is a mixture of entrudo, dances, marches, dances and bailinhos....