Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 00:00h.


Teatro Micaelense.
S. Pedro, Ponta Delgada (São Miguel).


Luís Miguel Cintra, actor, director and director of the company Theater of the Cornucopia, staged, at the beginning of 2014, the 'Illusion', from texts by Federico García Lorca. However, the 119th spectacle of the company was very different from the previous ones, because of his cast were not actors, amateurs and theater students. Responding to the challenge launched by Luís Miguel Cintra, the actress and director Sofia Marques accompanied and registered the process creation and construction of the show. The movie "Illusion" document this unique experience. More Than Illusion as a misunderstanding of the senses or a blurred utopia, the illusion that goes through this film is about the dream, the desire, the will, the fantasy and its possibilities of accomplishment. In the territory of all possible, this illusion makes sense


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