February 28, 2017 00:00h.


Por toda a ilha.
Todos (All islands).


The Carnival in the Azores is a mixture of entrudo, dances, marches, dances and bailinhos. In São Miguel the traditional dances in the Micaelense Coliseum, lasted for many tens of years, with thousands of people dressed in tuxedos, dancing until the many. And so it is to the size of other counties in the rest of the island. In Terceira, the marches, dances and bailinhos, in number of half a hundred, take to the societies of all the Island.


Body Roots

Body Roots (Terceira)

Liquid Roots Paddle Board SUP JOga is more than just an exercise. It is a way of connecting...

Cais de Agosto

Cais de Agosto (Pico)

Cais Agosto Festival takes place in August and during those days one can find the usual gastronomy...

Festas da Praia

Festas da Praia (Terceira)

This year festivity will be about the theater. It's it 28th edition, which will take place...