Azores, the first QualityCoast Platinum Destination in the world

QualityCoast is today’s largest programme for the international certification of sustainable destinations. The programme is composed of a renowned jury from the Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC, who have unanimously decided to award the Azores the most important QualityCoast prize, being it the first time a destination achieves the platinum award.

This award was purposely created to recognise not only quality standards related to marine life, nature and coastal areas, but also quality standards regarding identity, culture and society, which may affect the experience of tourists visiting the region.

The goal of QualityCoast is to promote sustainable, economical and high quality destinations. Therefore, tourists can feel safe about their choice of destination when taking this international certification programme into account.

The QualityCoast Platinum Award once again recognises and stresses the good environmental and sustainability practices carried out in the Azores, which are in fact increasingly recognised at international level, as well as the Region’s investment in environmental preservation.