Casa da Aguada

Situated in the beautiful parish of São João in the southern part of Pico island, Casa da Aguada offers you a quiet and peaceful place to rest while enjoying the pleasures of Pico island has to offer: The breathtaking view of the mountain, the challenge of climb it, the bathing area of Ponta do Adimoiro just a few meters away, walks by the island ancestral trails, the appreciation of the island fauna and diverse flora (whales, dolphins, birds, trees, flowers ... ), the gastronomy and its people and culture.

Casa da Aguada offers a green garden and panoramic views of the sea, mountain and surrounding areas.

This villa with two bedrooms and one suite with bathroom and a shared bathroom also has two living rooms and a kitchen.

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Estrada Regional nº1-2A, Nº40B
Companhia de Cima
9930-456 SÃO JOÃO LGP