Fajã Grande has some 200 inhabitants and, lying on the "alternative" west coast of Flores, it is Europe's Westmost village. Situated on the seashore of a coastal plain (fajã), it’s enclosed by a high cliff with about 20 waterfalls. A few minutes from home are natural rock pools, water holes under the waterfalls, a few restaurants and beach facilities, a natural sea-water swimming pool for children and some little taverns. All this lying under the orange sunset over the ocean.

Argonauta (Argonaut) is the name given to this old, traditional mansion dating back at least three centuries; the original building was thoroughly remodelled in 1929. Today’s Argonauta Bed & Breakfast features 5 improved rooms with ensuite bathroom into the main house and 2 new independent bedrooms into self-catering Via d’Água House, another old Fajã Grande’s house that we carefully restored.


Fajã Grande