Fajã Grande has some less then 200 inhabitants and, lying on the “alternative” west coast of Flores, it is Europe’s westernmost village. It is situated on the seashore of a coastal plain (fajã) and is enclosed by a high cliff of 100 meters with about 20 waterfalls and 7 lakes, place of bird nests.  Argonauta (Argonaut) historically stands for the “brave navigator”. Dating back at least three centuries, the original building was thoroughly remodelled in 1929, when it featured the first bathroom in Fajã Grande and the only piano on the island of Flores.

Argonauta, a yellow building stands near the parish church. Since 1991, the Guesthouse has been functioning with a resident owner, registered as private lodging with local tourist authorities.

Our Rustic-Art en-suite accommodations consists of 3 rooms (of which Pátio and Gaia with private entrance/exit - the last with kitchenette) and the 2 upper Suites, Flores’ largest bedrooms. All the rooms are detailed in volcanic rock and wood. Breakfast is served in the Breakfast Room which opens onto the patio.

Argonauta welcomes visitors from any culture, it features a warm place where feelings spouse in a while the stay for the discovery of this island; it will be the wanted place to have a rest after a great walking or a sunny bath, surrounded of many other books, pictures and stories from many countries.. one will no stop to travel!

Thanks to the use of natural cleaning products, we have eliminated any chemical substance for your stay and serving just what is in symbiosis with nature and natural: from your bed to your breakfast ensuring the usual, personal, high-World&Atlantic hospitality and providing secret maps and talks, car & photographic tours, kayaking, canyoning, diving or marine and lake routes.

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Fajã Grande