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Charter in den Azoren


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Açores - Un fascinant paradis naturel

A 1 500 km au large de Lisbonne, l'archipel des Açores aux nuances vertes, bleues ou noires se révèle un bijou de la nature intact et émerveille les visiteurs.

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“One of the best tours in Europe”

Only five hours distance from Toronto, the Azores Archipelago means nature and protected environments. There is every shade of green and the lush pastures streaked with blue hydrangea in fields bordered with ferns and flowers. Many flowers sprinkle the slopes running down to the sea. Chestnut, beech and other trees intersperse the remains of the Laurisilva forest that predate human settlement. And there are all the volcanic features of craters and cones, lava flows, cliffs, ravines and caves, fumaroles and lagoons. Those are the natural ingredients to these islands that serve up stunning landscapes framed by the deep blue of the sea beyond.

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A Public Art Festival

Are you an art lover and traveler?  Then you’ll likely love the summer Azores Walk&Talk Public Art Festival.

This summer, the island of São Miguel in The Azores will play host to Walk&Talk, the archipelago’s third, annual international public arts festival.

As the westernmost point of Europe, The Archipelago of the Azores are comprised of nine islands belonging to Portugal in the middle of the North Atlantic. The volcanic islands are known for their volcanic craters, lakes, sea, thermal pools, mountains, flora and fauna and marine life.

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Europe's best kept secret?

Vicky Power has one of the best experiences of her life in the little known islands of the Azores...

"You're going where?" was the inevitable response I received when I told friends about my upcoming holiday in the Azores. The Portuguese islands seem to be one of Europe's biggest secrets. Nine hundred miles off the coast of Portugal, they're definitely off the beaten path, but what most tourists obviously haven't cottoned on to is the fact they're only a four-hour, reasonably priced plane trip from Gatwick, so they're as easy to get to as a package holiday destination but with a heck of a lot more culture and nature to offer.

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Craters for all tastes

The Azores: On these little-visited islands in the centre of the Atlantic, Neil Maclean is won over by the natural charms. 

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Michelin Star chefs head to 10 Fest Azores food festival

The archipelago of the Azores, lying 930 miles off the coast of Portugal, is set to hold a ten day food and gastronomy festival featuring world renowned and Michelin Star chefs from around the world to represent the Azores’ varied cuisine.

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Whale watching in The Azores

The Azores are currently one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries. More than 20 different types of cetaceans can be spotted in the Azores and it corresponds to a third of the total number of existing species. The waters of The Azores have an  ecosystem with unique characteristics and the whales and dolphins mean that the  blue Atlantic Ocean becomes even more magic around these nine islands.

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How to make the most of the amazing Azores

When it comes to luxurious holidays, the Azores is an amazing destination to choose. This archipelago of nine islands is an autonomous region of Portugal and is home to stunning landscapes, fine cuisine and historic towns - but how can you the get most from your visit?

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Ilha do Pico - A Grande Montanha

É a junção entre o mar e a montanha que faz do Pico destino de eleição para os amantes da natureza. Uma ilha de paisagem inóspita, nascida, da lava e esculpida pelos elementos, onde o engenho e a imaginação do homem criaram sustento quase a partir do nada.

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